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Create snippets that earn extra revenues for you.

You would like to upload, share and sell ringtones, text tones or even alarm clock sounds on iTunes and other ringtone stores? SnipSell easily turns your sounds, music and videos into ringtones on iTunes and Tuunes Ringtone Store. Reach millions of iPhone, Android, Windows and other mobile users worldwide. Earn up to 90ct per download and create a substantial monthly income.


Earn revenues for ringtones and text tones.
Use your audio and video content or record new ringtone content.

Connect to millions of cell phones on stores worldwide.
Be found on the most attractive ringtone store for iPhone® and Android®. More ringtone stores are continuously added.

Benefit from the SnipSell® network.
We know the tones market for years. It's different to the music market. Have us to stay ahead.

Create "Passive Income".
Get automatic monthly payouts. No hassle to login everyday. Keep it low maintenance.

Be part of a win-win.
We keep a small royalty that makes us co-work on your success in the ringtone stores.

Protect your rights.
We watch those copycats and make them disappear for you. It's hard work. Ask us and we can claim your rights.

Instant market access.
This service is for Professionals and Newcomers. We love variety.

Upload from anywhere in the world.
We have built the easiest upload interface for sound & video content. Mobile and Desktop.

Stay independent. Keep your rights.
Our agreement is 100% non-exclusive. Fair Play. Always.

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What is SnipSell®?

SnipSell is a worldwide publishing and distribution service for musicians, producers and talented people that create sounds or videos. Like no other we focus on the ringtone market worldwide. The music, short sounds and effects are used as ringtone, text tone or alarm clock on smartphones like the Apple iPhone®.

How much do I get paid for my tones?

We let you decide. Depending on your deal you get 80% or 90% of what iTunes® & Tuunes™ pay out. Currently that is $.80 / $.90 per download.

Where do my tones sell?

On all iOS and Android® phones worldwide. We distribute your sounds to the world's most attractive ringtone platforms. They will be sent to the iTunes® Ringtone Store (for iOS) and Tuunes™ Ringtones Store (for Android® + iOS) as ringtone, text tone and alarm clock sound. Together these stores reach millions of devices like iPhone®, iPod® or iPad® and Samsung®, HTC®, Sony®, Nokia® and other Android® devices that are hungry for new, fresh sounds.

What tones do you recommend?

Basically any sound is appropriate to be a ringtone. Songs, Remixes, Cover Songs, Video snippets, Designed Beeps, Swooshes, Vocals, Sound Effects and comedy stuff. The more it can be used as a ringtone, alert or alarm clock sound the better it will sell. You will notice that soon. Start easy, it should be fun. Notice: Your content must not infringe third party rights.

What happens to my rights of my recording?

That's very simple. When doing the Independent deal you keep all rights. YOU decide year by year if you want to continue distributing your tone. Cancel whenever you want. It'll always be Fair Play.

How do I receive my royalties / payments?

With Paypal®. Please register if you don't have an account yet. All the royalty money we collect for you will be sent to your Paypal® account on a monthly basis (11th of a month). Please note that your first payment will be made 3 months after first release date due to iTunes® and Tuunes™ accounting. Get surprised!

What happens when I hit the submit button?

Your sound will then be reviewed by our team for a quick format and content checkup. When everything is ok we send it to the iTunes® Ringtones Store and Tuunes™ Ringtones Store. If not we will contact you to adjust your upload. Depending on traffic volume your ringtone should be live on iTunes® and Tuunes™ within 3-10 days.

Can I see trends data in advance?

Sure! We are currently updating trends data on a weekly basis. This is trend data and not sales data so it might differ to the final figures due to currency rates or customer cancellations. But it will give you a great preview whether your tone is hot or not.

Got more questions?

We'll try to help you. Fast.



SnipSell is dedicated to professional and starting content owners & content marketeers worldwide.We work with content owners, media companies, celebrities, music producers, video producers, singers, songwriters, rappers, comedians, vocalists, creators, athletes, influencers. Our business partners include record labels, talent agencies, managers and international brands.


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